Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June's Bad Poetry

I have more posts waiting to be completed and published but it's June. The bad poetry continues to come out my fingertips so maybe it's best to get it done and over with this month.

Random Haikus in No Particular Order
I really don’t like
You. I don’t. What can I say?
The nights are so cold.
Reality is
Overrated. Fantasy
Sticks best to old walls.
Slowly marking days
Sunrise to sunset may be
Still too fast for me.
Remember? I wish
I could forget but I can’t.
It’s such a bother.

Hide and Seek

No, I don’t know where
But still I will look in places
I’ve found you before.
On sugar sanded beaches
By the running mountain streams
Not in the desert I think
Unless it be in the center of night
Where the Milky Way dances
Across a deep cobalt sky.
Yes, I will find you
Laughing, dancing, spinning round
Welcoming me home.
Wait for me.
Please wait.


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  1. Hi... I just read a very nice poem :) took me a minute to find out how to do this, and hope I did it right.... can't promise I will always do this, but will when I can/remember, I will... See you at the con :) Mary pwfc


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