Wednesday, February 20, 2013

An Astral Mess: Self Rant and Nonsense

Ever have one of those days when nothing seems to work the way you thought it would? I've had a few this past week. Some things have been great.
  • I have 3 beta readers for "Rain" which is both exciting and scary at the same time but mostly exciting.
  • Some wonderful family-oriented news
  • I'm actually starting to interact and upping my social/networking a little piece at a time.
Other things not so much. In my rush to work on the finishing chapters of "Rain" I accidently deleted almost an entire chapter. Yes, I had back-ups. Unfortunately the back-up was over a week old and did not have the newly-written work on it. UGH! I know what was there but rewriting it has been a pain.

I was on Twitter with a couple of friends who were also having not-so-good days and was inspired to write and tweet the following.

Sometimes having something else to blame things on helps a lot. I told you  guys only my nonsense poetry rhymed.


  1. It's always scary to share my work, yet exciting as well. I need to get better at overcoming the scary part and focusing on the exciting part.

    1. Sometimes, Lana, I wonder if there is a difference. Too early for me to tell. :) All I can say is thank God for beta blockers!

  2. Thanks for the smile. I needed one today...but you left out sunspots!


    So, how many of those things were happening last week? Everyone I know seemed to have a dip in the road.


    1. Yeah, I left out the sunspots. They never seem to come up in traditional astrology. :)

      I don't know if any of it was happening last week (astrology-wise). I haven't dabbled in it since I did George Clooney's chart years ago in the 90's. Now that was a bit of fun writing! :D


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