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Character File for Aaron Johansson

I said in one of  my last posts, where I described my character sketches that I would post one from a current WIP. So I decided on the male protagonist from Snow. This is a very fluid document. Things can and do change. Would you like to meet the honorable Aaron Johansson?


 Aaron Michael Johansson



Family Background

The only son and child of a Swedish father and an Italian mother. His father, Michael Johansson, is retired from the Chicago Police Department. His mother, Angelina Cavallaro, died giving birth to him–complications from uterine hemorrhaging less than fifteen minutes after Aaron was born. His father has not remarried.
Neither family approved of his parents’ marriage. Religion, as well as cultural differences, probably had a lot to do with that. The Johansson family was staunchly Lutheran; the Cavallaro family was deeply Catholic. It is suspected, but not confirmed, there are/were branches of the Cavallaro family who were Mafia.
But, despite that obvious schism, one member of the Cavallaro family broke away to join with the Johansson’s after Aaron’s birth. Maria Theresa Cavallaro, Aaron’s maternal grandmother, left her family behind to help raise her grandson. (See “Maria Theresa Cavallaro–  ‘Noona’.  Also: “Becoming Noona”.)
Remaining family consists of his father’s sister, Joan, and her husband, Franklin Kowalski, who have three children: Madelyn, age 19, Robert, age 16, and Timothy, age 12. He does not associate with his mother’s family and they do not associate with him, although they know of him. Aaron is the oldest of his generation at age 34.

Physical Description

Aaron is 6’ and about 160-165 lbs with a runner’s/swimmer’s build. Solid and trim. Good shoulders, nice legs, and the buns aren’t bad either. He has brown hair and hazel eyes. Face a little long. Roman nose. Not drop-dead gorgeous/handsome but as Desiree puts it “A lot of women would consider him attractive.”
Athletic (skates, runs, skis—more individual sports than team) and he moves well. Unaware of his grace–he simply does it.

Educational Background

Graduated University of Wisconsin-Madison

·       Major- History

·       Minor- Political Science

·       Summa cum Laude

·       Member: Hockey Team, Debate Team

Graduated University of Wisconsin-Madison Law School.

·       Law Review

·       Summa cum Laude

Speaks both English and Italian with a smattering of Swedish (primarily rude words)

Employment Record

Currently serving as Circuit Judge in Rowlett County (fictional)

Appointed upon the death of Judge John Redding, elected (unopposed) the following January for a five year term. ?? years to the next election. Was one of the youngest judges ever appointed.

Three years Legal Aid/Public Defender

Law Clerk in the Prosecuting Attorney’s office in his last year of law school. 

Quirks, Habits, and other Tidbits (always a section in progress


·       He calls his maternal grandmother “Noona” -
·       His grandmother calls him “Angelito”– a moniker not used by anyone else, in or out of the family.
·       Pulls at his hair when troubled or concentrating, a habit he acquired in college and currently is trying to stop. It makes his short hair stick out at odd angles. Tousled, to put it in Desiree’s terms. She kind of likes it.
·       Runs regularly or as often as he can.
·       Played on the hockey team in college, wasn’t known as a really good player but is an excellent skater.
·       A conservative dresser when working
·       Can dance when the occasion calls for it but doesn’t seek it out as a preferred activity
·       Prefers wine to beer and will take bourbon straight up if he needs to nurse a drink in social situations
·       Does not raise his voice when angry–to the contrary, his voice drops and becomes cold and clipped.
·       Will curse or use foul language if pushed
·       Did try grass in college but didn’t particularly enjoy it.


Current Dilemma and Adjuncts

He has never been married though he came close to being engaged once. He has no problem making female friends. They like him and he likes them. He’s simply been too busy to pursue a relationship. He’s been “friend-zoned” frequently, at least in his own mind. And he’s quite tired of it. He wants to find someone for himself–settle down–have a family. Yes, his judgeship would be more easily assured, if such things can be, if he were married. Yes, an intelligent, attractive, socially-conscious woman would help him advance his career.
He likes his job.  Getting his judgeship was pure luck, despite his academic credentials. He happened to be at the right place at the right time. He loves what he does; he thinks he can make a difference. It’s not always easy but it is challenging. Ultimately he would like to serve in the Federal Judicial System. Supreme Court? “That would be a bloody longshot.”
[Note: I have cut off this section at this point intentionally. There is more.]

A Few Quotes:

“I was the skinny guy everyone in school hated–I set the grading curve.”

Fast Forward:

It's very teasing of me but this section I'm leaving out. If Snow were out in the world, and not a WIP, I'd put it in. I know where Aaron is, how he is doing, and what he has accomplished. There is no major story there.

"Becoming Noona"

A short vignette Aaron does not remember, even if it did pay a pivotal role in his life and development. Without Noona in his life things could have been very different for him. See link above in Family Background.

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