Monday, October 12, 2015

Traveler--- Beginning Autumn Poetry



I have traveled too far north
And must double back
Before the day ends and the sun sets.
Wondering how I got this far
And along this route
Without seeing where I was going
Or how far I had traveled.
Time to return. Must hurry.
The sun hangs low above the horizon.
I must be back before the deep violet twilight
And the emerging stars begin to wonder
Why I am not there
For them to welcome me home.

Yes, it's time for bad poetry again. It's been a while.  


  1. I disagree
    If your words make me think, they do not qualify as bad.
    If your words, put a vision in my head, do not qualify as bad.
    If your woords make me want some change in my existence, do not qualify as bad.
    If your words cause me to gently yearn and draw me back...I'm sorry but they are not bad.
    Too be a bad wordsmith, you must try much harder.
    it evokes, it is evocative, the path they lay out for me is clearing.
    Thank you for the invite.
    Listen to if you get a chance.

    1. I only check in once a day, generally in the early morning. Comments are so rare for me.

      Thank you, Stuart. I am happy you found something in this. That is not a rote statement--- very true. Knowing someone found a piece that rang true--- isn't it something any writer (or poet) works toward? Words to find purchase in a reader?

      I will go and listen. Promise.


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