Saturday, September 5, 2015

Blogging the Promotional Posts

Earlier this month, I made the big announcement I was making my publication debut in the anthology Anything Goes, Volume 2. Of course I'm super excited! The book has gone live on Amazon.

So every Saturday I will be posting something from it: a teaser, a banner, a short video. Nor just my own stories, but from others as well. We also have a launch party coming up, but more on that later when I get the details.


When reluctant partners are thrown together, it’s not just about four legs good, two legs better. It’s about who is actually smarter…


Michael has created a very unique dystopian world , and an intriguing (yet charming) detective pair. It reminds me in many ways of old 'gumshoe' novels, like Mike Hammer with a strange, future twist. You'll have to read it to understand where I'm coming from.


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