Thursday, September 3, 2015

What he could not tell her-- A Writing Prompt Completed

From Writers Write, 21 August 2015.

From Rain

What three things could Gerry never tell Cheryl?

There's actually very little Gerry could never tell Cheryl by the end of Rain. There may be things he simply has forgotten, but to say he could never tell her would be difficult. At least, not anything from the past. She knows his inner demons, his past mistakes.

The future is different and I'm foreshadowing a future story here.

I don't think he could tell her of the terror he experienced when he came home when she was pregnant and found her slumped over the kitchen table with a pool of blood at her feet.

I don't think he could ever tell her about coming home from the hospital that night and calling his father, not to simply inform him or his mother of the medical emergency, but because he needed to share his terror with another man. Tom would not have been enough. And he felt Cheryl didn't need to see or share his fear. Not that she could have.

I also don't think he could or will share his fear of losing her both during the birth and  in the estrangement which followed. His anger, yes. His fear, no.

From Snow

What three things could Aaron never tell Desiree?

I'm not sure yet what things Aaron could never tell Desiree. He is, after all, both an attorney and a judge. "The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth" is something he believes in. Yet, he also knows, as an attorney, you instruct your client to answer only the question put to them, as simply as you can. He has a deep respect, if that is the word, for the truth.

But what three things would he refrain from telling her? Best I keep to the past with him. Their complete story is still very much in process. And Aaron is a particularly hard nut to crack.

I don't think he would ever tell her about meeting someone from the estranged branch of his family--the Cavalleros, his Italian mother's family. Not his Great-Aunt Bianca, who had, until she died a few years back, maintained a sporadic link with his grandmother, but a cousin who appeared as a witness in his courtroom.

I don't think he would ever tell her about the woman he almost became engaged to in law school.

I don't think he would ever tell her about Belinda Upstead, his senior year in high school. In the storage room of the bookstore. After closing. [Ha! Caught you, Aaron. :) ]

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