Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Boston: April 15, 2013

Just some poems I wrote in the wake of the events in Boston. I think I tweeted two of them. 


Inhuman horror
Such disregard for life
Never. Never. No.

What is to be gained? Not respect
Nor understanding. Nothing



My heart does not want to believe
But my eyes refuse to forget.
A world in grey and black
No color anywhere but scarlet.
Yet the sun rises in the morning
As if it were any other day
The world did not change.
We did.



Love abounds in darkest times

There on a street corner, wrapping a wound

“Here you’re cold.” A cup of coffee

Compassion, humanity, our truest selves

Painted in broad strokes of hope.

This we must remember. . . we must.


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