Sunday, January 6, 2013

OMG! 90,000 words??

Yesterday I did something I had put off far too long. I converted "Rain" into Microsoft Word from Corel WordPerfect, since the reading I've been doing seems to indicate MS Word is preferred by agents and publishers.

I don't exactly like MS Word yet. I'm still tweaking it so it will give up trying to correct the grammar of my characters. Sometimes even running a spellcheck drives me nuts, especially when it comes to names.

Once I got it converted and all the chapters I've completed into a single Word file I glanced down at the lower left at the word count and said several choice words my mother swore she never taught me ( She did but she did say to use them only in private.) Over ninety thousand words . . . that's over 90, 000 in numerical terms. OMG! It's not finished yet! There are two chapters, at least, left to write, plotted and in my head.



Yes, major edit coming up! I actually thought I would have the opposite problem; I thought there was a lot I left out and would have to weave into what was already written. Fat chance!

It may sound strange but I actually find the idea of cutting a little comforting.  And I can see where I can take whole passages out without losing any story. My hope is that I can do so and not have to face a complete rewrite. But I don’t think I will. I truly don’t.


Gerry. . . Cheryl . . . I like you very much. I know you are right for each other but would you please try not to tell me everything! Yes, Gerry, I’m talking to you.

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