Sunday, January 13, 2013

Another Poem: Winter Still

More winter-themed poetry today. I don't know exactly why I write so much of it. Perhaps it is simply that the season is so still and contemplative to me.  Maybe I just love snow. Autumn runs a close second but I will admit freely summer holds no poetic appeal to me. Summer is too lush, too warm, and too green. Odd when I think about it; green is my favorite color. Spring? Another story. . .another time.

Winter Still  

And it is yet winter

Silent...cold...softly still

With only ice-cloaked branches

Clicking on my windowpane.

Tap tap

Tap tap

And the tree outside my window is bare.

Even reluctant leaves gone.

Only the branches covered with ice

Softened with snow.

Tap tap

Tap tap

A metronome of passing time

In whitewashed silence

Be still

Just wait.



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