Saturday, January 26, 2013

More Bad Poetry: 'Quickly' and Others

Yes, I’m posting more bad poetry today. I simply have so much of it. I think my next posting will be another essay I wrote some time ago.

As far as the excerpt I spoke of a couple posts ago----the jury is still out. It’s not an easy decision to make. ‘Rain’ is almost finished but there is a major editing coming up with that. Why post an excerpt to find you have to edit it out? I met with my illustrator for ‘Dani’s Song’ so I thought about an excerpt from that one. Decisions, decisions. I will make one soon.

In the meantime, bad poetry it will have to be:


Watch for me
There on the outer edges of the road,
Walking on the grass and kicking at the stones.                          

Listen for me
There where you thought was only silence
Humming some old Cole Porter tune in the very next room

Reach for me
There an expectant phantom at your fingertips
Waiting for the touch of reality . . . confirmation.

I can only stay a little while longer.
Stars beckon and sing
When the song is finished
I will be gone.



Time creeps up like that
Too much then not enough now
Like rain in August


Broken Promises
(written on the death of my mother)

Not my fault I know
But I promised that I would
Snatched out of my hands.
Leaving me powerless with only the rage inside of me
And the scalding tears on my face.
My hands tied with burning rope
Please. . .does anyone have a knife?
Or Alexander's sword?
I promised. . .I promised.


I think that will be quite enough for now. No more poetry for awhile.

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