Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July. . .and the Bad Poetry Continues

Lupines and Daisies: New Hampshire
"And it was summertime, glorious summer."
The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson
Morning Music

Outside my window
Green darkness, raindrops singing,
Inside, cats amok.

No space sacred, bounding off
Couches, chairs, and each other.

In five second bursts
Then suddenly all is still
But the rain still sings.

Note by note on glass it falls
A contralto voice. Slow. Soft.

Strawberry Moon over Manchester, NH 2014


Sleeping Dreams

Put your dreams to sleep.
They'll find no purchase here.
Better they sleep and not remember,
The clouds dancing by with gray mouse feet.
Let them dream their own dreams.
Have they really been yours?
Did you dream them or did others?
So hard to see even in moonlight.
Put your dreams to sleep.
Blanket them with clouds.
Soothe them with falling rain.
They will forget. . . they will.
Daisies in a glass
Standing soldiers on parade
In bright uniforms
Warm pink and orange listeners
To our laughing discourse


In case you're coming in late and missed it, yes, I consider all of my poetry--bad poetry. Only in the last poetry post have I labeled it "bad poetry". The label on all the other poetry is simply "poetry". The reason I call it "bad poetry" can be found here.

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