Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Poetry: Still Bad but Spontanous this Time

Not too long ago a friend posted something on Facebook I can only call a meme poem. That's not unusual. Lots of people post memes from other places for a variety of reasons but, in the main, they tend to be either political or personal. I have a few friends who post nothing but memes. I generally just click "like" if I agree with the viewpoint or find it amusing. Sometimes I click "like" just to make sure Facebook keeps my friends in my newsfeed.

What he posted was this:


What he couldn't have guessed is what things it struck in me. My written response  came out in what I can only describe as spontaneous poetry. I do that from time to time.

A Child’s Response
The best of you is not gone,
It lingers in my heart
Where you dwell laughing and whole.
It doesn't matter your stories are incomplete now.
I can finish them all the same.
What matters is you are here with me.
It means the world to me.
Please don't worry about remembering.
I will remember for both of us.
For I need to be with you.
No less than you with me.
For you see, I lost my mother to the thrice-cursed, debilitating disease of dementia five years ago. 

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