Sunday, December 15, 2013

Some Writing Memes or "I need a little fun around here."

I have found revising to be tedious work--- a good bit of it anyway. It takes me far longer to get into than the original writing. I need encouragement. . .a carrot. . .a stick. . .inspiration. Most of all, sometimes I just need a smile. Don't we all?

So I gathered some of those "you should be writing" memes from around the Internet. Most were fine and made their way to my screensaver to nag and prod me when my mind drifts away. But I did make a few of my own and thought I would share them. For laughs. . .for giggles. . .for blushes.

Yeah, showing my prejudices here. A couple of them anyway. I hope you enjoy them. I have a few more but that's another blog all together. Now I must really get to work. These guys can really bug me!

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