Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Autumn Poetry

It's almost the middle of  November and wasn't October glorious? Not that it gets spectacular in my part of the country but it does finally get cool---even cold at night.

Autumn Haikus


At long last--cool air
Breathable, windows-open
Sweet, wine-flavored air.


Stars in the night sky
Dancing to silent music
On sparkling tiptoes.
Autumn rain sliding
Off the eaves and golden leaves
Such color on the gray.

Silent Enchantment

There is silence
Warm and soft
On a bumpy park bench
No words spoken
Fingers on my shoulder
Beneath my ear and cheek
Someone breathes
Even, soft
And there is dancing in front of us
A costumed chorus line
Of scarlet, golden orange, and sunlit yellow.
Moving singly at first, each alone
Suddenly. . . without cause
The line merges and moves
Of one accord
Dip, sway, up
Like a single being
Slowly breathing
Becomes synchronous
Three breaths, four breaths
Five, six, seven
The spell breaks
On the very verge of true enchantment
Dance . . . there should be dancing
And music to go with it, soft and cool
Instead of cold and hard
Like diamonds splintering
Without light
To lay colorless on the grass
All bleached into insensibility.

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