Saturday, May 18, 2013

Late Spring Poems

I'm getting myself ready for a Memorial weekend trip to New England to spend some time with friends. It promises to be hectic, fun, and just a touch scary. All the prep leaves me with little time for blogging but I do like to update frequently so what do I always have at the ready? Yes, more bad poetry! Why do I call it "bad"? Ah, another posting---another time.



Withered leaves on moon-glazed water
A cold stillness mist-rising-
Silence. Only silence.

Carved in water
Form and function spent
In silent curling waves


Bits and pieces of light
Too faint for sight; too bright for concealing
Shards of unspoken feeling


Love conditional and limited
Wrapped up in prose and yesterday’s newspaper
Staining fingers black
Not today—not today.

A perfect storm hovering
Green-gray, and ghostlike
Thunder shaking the leaves
Wrapped in an old quilt like a multi-colored cocoon
Waiting for sunlight, loving the rain. 

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