Thursday, March 7, 2013

It Might Be Spring

It's March. The Spring Equinox is days away. The Midwest and other northern regions still have snow on the ground. It couldn't possibly be spring, could it? Maybe. It might be spring. I've been seeing evidence here in the south.


Spring  Tanka 2013

A redbud shyly
Peeking out behind the oak
“Spring yet?” Come on out.

 I whisper soft. I won’t tell.
Old man Winter’s deaf anyway.


Spring  Haikus 2013


Want some daffodils?
Better hurry and pick them.
They don’t last in snow.


Iris? Iris? No.
Impossible but oh, yes
There they are . . . the tarts.  


Curious Spring

Three curious things
Outside my window today
Crocus blooming,
Cardinals nesting,
Spirea buds swelling
All thinking winter is over
Shall I  tell them about the daffodils in snow?
Hush! Pushing winter out
Is best done with song and tender flowers.
The daffodils just laughed at me anyway.

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